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Plantation Shutters in Emmaus, PA


Emmaus, PA is a borough within Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania. It is located 5 miles from Allentown, and 53 miles from Philadelphia. In the years 2007 and 2009, Emmaus was voted as one of the top 100 best places to live. Although small, Emmaus has a great schooling system, with many businesses and restaurants for its residents. If you are looking to make improvements on your home, you should consider plantation shutters. They are a great addition to any home. 

Emmaus, PA Plantation Shutters
Emmaus Double Hung Plantation Shutters

Paoli Double Hung Plantation Shutters

Emmaus French Door Cut-Out Shutters

Paoli French Door Cut-Out Shutters

Emmaus Arch Top Plantation Shutters

Paoli Arch Top Plantation Shutters

Emmaus Bi-fold & Bypass Shutters

Paoli Bi-fold & Bypass Shutters

Shutters & Blinds in Emmaus, PA

Shutters & Blinds in Emmaus, PA

Yocum Shutters & Blinds offers a variety of window shutters, shades, and blinds in the Emmaus area. We take pride in working closely our clients find the ideal window solution for your space, whether its commercial and residential clients we have the perfect solution for you. Our selection has both vertical and horizontal blinds, with horizontal blinds serving as excellent wind coverings, while vertical blind are perfectly suited for sliding glass doors. Our diverse selection of blinds and shutters allow you to have precise control over the amount of natural light that filters into your home or office. Give us a call today to learn about the different selections of shutters, shades, and blinds that we have to offer!

Plantation shutters bring such a calm presence to any room. They don’t just have a great look, they are extremely durable and will last you for years. If you are ready to purchase new shutters or blinds, give us a call today. 

Emmaus, PA Commercial Blinds


There are many reasons to buy new shutters and blinds. They provide timeless style, durability, and perfect light control. Contact Yocum Shutters and Blinds to speak with real experts in the industry. With over 60 years of experience, we can help you find the perfect shutters for your business or home. We can’t wait to start working with you! If you are going to purchase new shutters or blinds, why not go to the biggest dealer in the area?

Our experts are ready to work with you to customize both the look and feel of your business or home. 

Emmaus, PA Commercial Blinds
Shutters and Blinds in Emmaus, PA

Plantation Shutters in Emmaus, PA

There are many reasons why new blinds would be perfect for your home. Blinds allow you to block out light, which can affect your ability to see the TV during the day, or even affect your ability to sleep through the night. 

Shutters are extremely important if your home overlooks a public space. It helps you build a perfect balance between a great view and perfect light control. Give us a call today at Yocum Shutters and Blinds to begin today!

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